Hi there!

A massive typhoon hit Chiba last night. All our neighbors said it was the strongest one they have ever experienced. We were very lucky as our house only suffered a little damage.

When I went to check our English school, I was in for a surprise though.

Its only a few minutes from our house, but there was definitely more damage there.

Then, I got to our premises and couldn’t believe that the massive tree right behind the classroom has fallen down!

The tree is only being held up by the electric cables.

I couldn’t get through to City Hall as all the lines are down. So, I drive down there and they sent some people out to look at it. They are going to cut the whole thing down. Just hope my neighbor will pay for his wall to be fixed!!

Hana and Maki seem pleased to be off school, but not happy to be without Wi-Fi!

Hope we get the power back on soon. I was helping some elderly neighbors this afternoon and the heat index was 41 degrees. Way too hot for them…….


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