Trip to Shizuoka

Hi there!

We just came back from a trip to Shizuoka. We weren’t sure if we would be able to go, as there was a typhoon making landfall at the same time. However, it was further south than where we were going so even though we did get a bit of rain, it was fine.


We left home at 5 am, and missed all the traffic! We got to Atami at 7 am and had some breakfast at a place that looked out onto the beach.

Then we decided to go for a drive around and see what Atami had to offer. Then we stumbled on Nagahama Beach! It is perfect for families, as there are almost no waves, and they had diving platforms!

Then we drove through the mountains to our campsite.

BBQing in the rain!

It was nice and cool at the campsite, but we still needed the air conditioner. We all slept well, and all said we want to stay at this campsite again.

Then the next morning we drove across Shizuoka to Awashima Island. We took a boat there from the mainland. The highlight for Hana and Maki was seeing the penguins being fed Japanese style!

Here is a video Hana posted on Youtube:

Nagashi Sakana!

They were first in line when it was time to feed the penguins again!

We had a great time in Shizuoka, and hope to go back again there soon!


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