Golden Week trip to Tochigi 2018

Happy Golden Week everyone!!

We have just come back from a fantastic trip to Nasu, in Tochigi. It’s about 300 km north of where we live. It was well worth the drive though!!

Having a few days off school certainly put a spring in everyone’s step……



The first day the weather wasn’t bad. We could see the tops of the mountains. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by nature……


There were so many amazing waterfalls to check out. This one was a 15 minute walk from the car park. The footpath was well maintained, and really scenic.



Then we went to the Teddy Bear museum. We wanted to go here to see an old friend……


Teddy Edward! I can’t believe he lives in Japan now! I used to ready his books when I was a child in England. He actually moved to Japan before I did!


One of the staff noticed we had brought a Teddy Edward book with us, and gave us some free Teddy Edward merchandise which was nice.


Then we went to an Alpaka Farm. Hana and Maki enjoyed feeding them pellets….


Then we went to our log cabin. It was comfortable, and I got straight to work on the BBQ.


Hana and Maki loved exploring inside the log cabin……


And chillin’ on the hammock…..


Once it got dark we went on a “Night Safari” at Nasu Safari Park. I got a photo of me feeding a biscuit to a giraffe!


The next day the sun was shining, and we went out for a walk around…….


There were so many footpaths, and bridges. It was perfect for the kids….


We stopped here and had a few biscuits while we looked at the waterfall on the other side of the lake…..

We missed all the Golden Week traffic thanks to Google Maps and lots of back roads on the way home.

I highly recommend Nasu in Tochigi for a short break. We hope to go there again someday.


PS: Check out my chess board!


I had a nice slab of wood, and decided to make a chess board out of it. Hana and Maki helped with sanding it down and staining the dark squares. Then I added some legs and a shelf for the chess pieces. Anyway….time for a beer I think!







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