Walnut Slabs

Hi there!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything here for so long, I have been a bit busy!

I saw some wood for sale last week, and it caught my eye.

It was a bit dirty, but after a bit of sanding down it looked great! Turns out it is Japanese Black Walnut. It has a dark center, then gets lighter around the edges.

So, I decided to make it into a coffee table! Very pleased with it! I have a couple more pieces, so looks like our house is going to need a few more coffee tables!

On Saturday we went to market at a garden center. They had lots of small stalls selling handcrafts etc. Hana and Maki tried making their own cookies…..

Not bad for a first effort! They didn’t taste bad either….

Anyway, will try and post more soon,



PS: I have made a few other things with the walnut slabs!

First I found this old chest of drawers in a junk shop. It was really cheap because the top was damaged. Luckily I had plenty of walnut wood to fix it!



Then with the bit left over from the chest of drawers, I put some legs on it and made a small coffee table.


This morning I got a few old bits of plywood, and made a bird house. I had some green paint in the shed so gave it a lick to make it look a bit more natural.


I left a broken cracker at the front of it to try and tempt some birds to go in. Hopefully we will have some feathered friends living there soon!


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