Tokyo Aqualine Marathon 2016

Hi there!!

I did it!! I completed the Tokyo Aqualine 2016 Half Marathon!!



There were 12, 000 people in the full marathon, and 5, 000 people in the half marathon. At the start it was so crowded, it was hard not to bump into people…..


Hana and Maki were supporting me, and waving the homemade flags they made specially……


Everyone runs past so quickly, its really hard to get good photos!!

Mami couldn’t get a photo of me, as she didn’t know when I was coming past until the very last second……I got lots of photos taken by the official photographers though. Once they are available, I will add some to this page…..

The Aqualine is quite steep, but it was an amazing experience. As I was running, the Japanese Self Defense Force’s helicopters flew over in formation……it was breathtaking…….


I finished the 21.0975 km / 13.109 mile course in 1 hour 54 minutes and 14 seconds. So, I was placed 449 out of 5, 000 runners. I was so happy when I finished, almost close to tears!! It feels great to try new things, and to push myself……


Anyway, I am very hungry after all that running, so going out for a meal now!!


Here are the photos!!







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